Hired Work - Company Logo


In the end of our 1.semester at the school, I was contacted by a carpenter company to do an overhaul of their logo, they wanted it to be scalable and in vector graphics, the illustration is a workbench, in a timeless design.

During the first semester we did a crossover project together with the computerscience students, here I was tasked with the graphical aspects of a website designed with the purpose of selling furniture tables, I made a combination of the groups firstnames initials into an illusion of a table.
School Assignment - Crossover Project Logo
Volunteer Work - Promotion Poster


In the middle of our 2.semester at the school, I took the initiative to create a marketing campaign for the schools bar where I work as a volunteer bartender/promoter/designer.

One of the first projects we were given was to make a infographic about something of our own choosing, I picked the show Rick and Morty as my subject I found the project to be a lot of fun.
School Assignment - Infographic
Hired Work - Promotional Graphic

Graphic Work

During the 2.semester I was contacted by a clothing company with focus on italian design, I made a lot of graphic material for them, together with this display of their designs.

As a part of our content creation lectures in Adobe, we were made a Double Exposure in Photoshop, I tought this technique was very cool.
School Assignment - Double Exposure
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Who is Power Designs
The name is a concept of a furure company I want to start. But for now I am a student at EASV where I learn more about marketing and promotion, I am enrolled in the Multimedia Designer education, where I am currently attending and ending the 2.semester out of 4.
Contact information
I am interested in most types of graphical work and if you think that some of the previous displayed artworks are something you would be interested in. Feel free to take contact to me. phone +60 5156 91 place Esbjerg, Denmark email
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